About Sudo.

UC Developers.

Sudo is the University of Canberra’s Student Undergraduate Developers Organisation, or Sudo for short. Sudo was started in 2016 by Students who wanted to share their ideas, code, solutions and projects with their peers, and with the world.

We believe and shape ideas that shake up the norm, and making things that start conversations.

Learn everything, from Swift to Vue.

Web and App Technologies

Sudo runs a metric tonne of events each semester, including 2 development nights, numerous trainings and workshops on various skills and techniques as well as a guest speaker from the technology industry.

Our overall aim is to get every member of Sudo to develop and code better, more often and with the most up to date frameworks and languages.

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Not your simple “Hello World”.

Helping developers build products, not programs.

Here at Sudo, we believe in going the extra mile. Coding your game or app doesn’t stop when you’ve showed your friends or co-workers, it continues well on into development and into the App Store.

We’re so committed to ongoing development, we offer members the chance to pitch their idea or project to be developed by every member.

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Workshops & Presentations

Each Wednesday evening we have something going on, come along and dabble in a little of everything

First 8 Weeks

Git, Python, Web, Swift, AI, Careers.

Sudo runs most of their events (the more technical ones) during the first 8 weeks of the semester.

We realise that most people have exams, assessments and other commitments towards the end of term, so get in quick to be a part of the action.

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